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What's Included?

Lead Paint Testing :  

  • XRF (X-ray Fluorescence)

  • Full House Test (Every Painted Surface)

  • Full Report

  • Follow Up Consulting

  • Recommendations

$600 up to 2500 square feet

For Larger Properties Please contact us to discuss.  

Rates vary on Size, Age, Etc.

Why Test?

Lead is a heavy metal that causes neurological damage and can lead to mental and physical issues in children and adults.  Lead Paint was used up until 1978.


When lead paint is in good condition, it may not pose a lead poising hazard, However, if the lead paint is disturbed by remodeling, demolition, and normal wear over time, a lead dust exposure hazard is created.

Willow Environmental has been testing for Lead Paint for over 24 year.

Give yourself peace of mind

$350.00 for VOC Test

$450 includes VOC Test & Formaldehyde Test

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