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What's Included?

Our Mold Inspection Includes:  


  • A full visual Inspection

  • Comparative air samples inside and out

  • Swabs

  • Pictures

  • Certified Lab Analysis

  • Full Report

  • Follow Up Consulting

  • Recommendations

Full Mold Inspection - $350.00 + $75.00 per sample

Why Test?

There are many reasons a person would decide to test for mold.  There are more than 200,000 types of mold and although most do not cause problems, It is impossible to tell by just looking at them which ones may be toxic.  If mold is allowed to remain mold it will eventually spread.  Once you have tested for mold you can determine the best route for getting rid of it, or remediating it.  Willow Environmental inspects and tests for mold so you can make an educated choice for the treatment of mold.     



Health issues - Frequently health is a concern when it comes to getting rid of mold.  Not everyone is susceptible to the ill effects of mold, but the people most likely to be sensitive are the young and the elderly.  Also, people with allergies can suffer badly from the presence of mold.  Of course, there are some molds that are particularly dangerous and have made headlines in recent years such as stachybotrys or toxic black mold.  The first steps in protecting your health and the health of your family from mold is determining if mold exists and if so how you are going to remediate it. That is where Willow Environmental comes in - testing for mold and helping you create a plan for how it will be dealt with.      


Real Estate Value - As a homeowner it is of great value to test for mold, prior to making a purchase.  Potential homebuyers frequently want proof that mold does not exist in a home they are looking to buy and if you can show that your home is mold-free it will help to make a smoother transaction. If you are looking to purchasea home, it is a good idea to request that the home have a mold inspection, especially if it will be a foreclosure sale or “as is” purchase.  If you buy a home and realize that mold exists after you have moved in, than all of the remediation costs will be on you.  It is important to be educated on the condition of your dream home before putting your final signature down on paper.  


Property Damage - Whenever your home has suffered from a leak or flooding, it is important to test for the presence of mold, even if you cannot see it.  Mold can hide behind drywall and other surfaces for a long time before making itself known, and at that point the damage can be extensive.  Mold grows where moisture exists.  Testing for mold can also tell you if a leak is still present and this allows you to clear that up before further damage takes place.  Put your mind at ease and test for mold periodically after water damage.




** Although we will work and consult with you on remediations, we are not a remediation company nor are we affiliated with any remediation companies. Therefore, we give unbiased recommendations with no conflict of interest.



Give yourself peace of mind
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